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Sodapop Cookbook

Notes and Lyrics »

Sodapop Cookbook is our first release.
It is a home recording.

Ken Bewick wrote all of these songs. Some of them date back years, some of them are pretty new. You try to figure out which are which…

Ken and Josh played most of the instruments. Ken sings, plays guitars, bass, percussion, engineers and throws some magic dust here and there. Josh plays drums, percussion, a tad of back up vocals and makes strange sounds. Our good friend Michael Enos plays piano and assorted keyboards. Our good friend Craig Rosenberg, helped us mix this record, and played a big bass drum on “Big Ocean.”

Thank you Michael & Craig!

We recorded most of this at Josh's house in Seattle, WA over 4 different sessions (each session was 3-4 days). Some recording was done at Ken’s house and Michael's house in Santa Cruz, CA. We used this fun machine called The Zoom and a few simple microphones. Much of this was done live. We intentionally left some blood on the tracks (vocals and percussion sometimes share the same track!). More than anything else, we have tried to serve the song.

We hope you have as good of a time listening to this recording, as we did making it!

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