Rose Of The Summer
©2008 Ken Bewick
When I was a boy I didn’t know nothin’
I took love wherever I found it
In the fields of my county
I trespassed and tramped and came home when the dinnerbell sounded

As I got older and found myself growin’
I took care not to fall to the wrong side
But try as I did, ended up on the road
Spent five years taking a long ride

The Rose of the Summer is sweet and serene
More beautiful visions I never have seen
Through the highways and byways I rode to the end
The Rose of the Summer was my only friend

I went down the east coast, and into the south
I didn’t have nothin’, and I was proud of it
Was there I met Rose, but our friendship was doomed
‘Cause her father just wouldn’t allow it

My Rose was a you girl, just barely sixteen
And I was already past twenty
But our difference in years somehow faded away
With every long letter she sent me


Down by the river we swam in the pools
White in the water we floated
Like a beautiful blossom her skin shone like jewels
And her cheeks were the color of roses

We both knew that soon I would have to move on
And leave her at home with her family
She promised to write me when I’d settled down
Though I wandered the countryside sadly


So now I’m up north, I’ve been here awhile
I needed a job and I found it
My lost dreams of her as sharp as a thorn
But tempered by the roses around it
Ken: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, vocals, trumpet
Michael: accordion, string pads, synth, electric piano
Josh: drumset