Daddy Was A Racecar Driver
©2008 Ken Bewick
Daddy was a racecar driver mommy was a singing star. Left me frozen TV dinners and the keys to mommy’s car. They went off to Las Vegas town where they’d planned a show on ice. Then the H Bomb hit Las Vegas, and mom and dad were vaporized.

So I took the family Volvo, packed a cooler full of juice, flushed the goldfish down the toilet, turned the family dachshund loose. I drove out to Las Vegas town (which now was just a gaping hole). Found a piece of mommy‚Äôs finger, a bit of daddy’s middle toe.

I sold them to an antique dealer who recognized how old they were. With the money bought a sandwich, a bag of chips and a candy bar. Sat on top of the Hoover Dam out in the hot Nevada sun. Ate my lunch and thanked my folks for leaving me their toes and arms.
Ken: electric and acoustic guitars, guitar treatments, vocals, bass
Josh: three drumsets