Bottle of Sound About

Bottle of Sound is really a friendship. Ken Bewick and Josh LaBelle are the best of friends and have been for a longtime! We met during High School in Palos Verdes, CA and have been playing music ever since.

Our first band was called 611 & the SOS. We opened up for the Minutemen, from nearby San Pedro. We thought we hit the big time. Looking back, artistically, it was right on – nothing beats The Minutemen.

Back to Bottle of Sound…

Ken lives in Santa Cruz, CA and Josh lives in Seattle, WA. We both love cooking, record players and family. We play music for lots of reasons, but largely because it feels natural. We strive to create a balance between expression and exploration. Whatever that means.

A year or so ago, we started getting together more regularly to play music and visit. Old friends sort of stuff. That is what led us to start making recordings again. Ken’s daughter, Elena, gave us our name.

Home recordings would not be home recordings without a few friends playing along. So, while Bottle of Sound is a duo, we all always have super special friends joining in. Stay tuned.